Superior Liquorice Co takes flight

Fyna Foods Australia has responded to a gap in the confectionery market with the launch of the Superior Liquorice Co, a unique soft-eating liquorice brand to appeal to young adults and trendsetters.

Evolving Fyna’s existing liquorice recipe and product knowledge, the range offers a variety of well-rounded fragrant and sweet flavours, uniting soft liquorice qualities with milk, dark and white chocolate options.

All products in the range are preservative free and manufactured at Fyna’s factory in Melbourne’s south-east. The packaging and branding of the Superior Liquorice Co features quirky, bespoke illustrations by Craig McGill, whose renowned artwork features on Australian banknotes.

Fyna Foods Australia CEO Gillian Powell said they are excited over introducing a new and fun brand to Australia.

“As part of the research and development phase of Superior Liquorice Co, we recognised that soft-eating liquorice has the potential to be marketed towards younger consumers, because their tastes are now a lot more adventurous than perhaps was previously thought,” she said.

“Superior Liquorice Co’s point of different is its unique brand story, which evokes imagination and a sense of adventure that we know our audience will love.”

The range comprises Soft Eating Liquorice Bites, Raspberry Flavoured Soft Eating Liquorice Bites, Milk Chocolate Coated Liquorice Bites, Raspberry Flavoured Dark Chocolate Coated Liquorice Bites, Soft Eating Liquorice Wheels, Raspberry Flavoured Soft Eating Liquorice Wheels, Dark Chocolate Liquorice Bullets, Milk Chocolate Liquorice Bullets, Raspberry Flavoured Milk Chocolate Liquorice Bullets and Raspberry Flavoured White Chocolate Liquorice Bullets.

The Superior Liquorice Co range will be released exclusively between now and the end of September to selected IGAs and independent retailers across Australia in 150g-200g bags.

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