Maximising food and beverage

Having a choice of groceries and ready-to-eat meals available in-store is an important part of fulfilling consumer expectations, says Ms Shaw.

“Consumers are looking for an easy one-stop shop, and they appreciate the accessibility of grab-and-go options,” she says.

“Finding consistent suppliers is also important to expand the offering to suit all your consumer needs. Breakfast items are a particularly good option for commuters in a hurry, while snacks … are a good option for those working from home or wanting a pick-up on their daily walk.”

Talking trends, Ms Shaw says the popularity of health and wellness in food and beverage continues to grow in all retail outlets.

“Consumers visiting P&C now expect the range of options to include some healthy alternatives,” she says.

“We’ve been seeing kombucha on the shelves for a while, but it goes way beyond that one option now. Consumers are also looking for other low-sugar or healthier beverage alternatives to ‘grab and go’ over the more traditional soft drinks.”

Read Foodservice Australia’s column in full in the September/October issue of Convenience World.

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