National groundwater-monitoring service launches

Leighton O’Brien, a market leader in fuel-analytics software and field technologies, has launched a new service to assist convenience-fuel operators in meeting their compliance obligations and in reducing the risk of groundwater contamination.

The launch follows a recent EPA survey on Underground Petroleum Storage Systems (UPSS) practices that found many fuel operators did not know if their site was compliant with groundwater-monitoring guidelines.

Leighton O’Brien General Manager of Field Services Toby Griffin says convenience-fuel owners and managers are exposing their business to huge commercial and environmental risks if they don’t know their obligations.

“Groundwater contamination resulting from leaking fuel tanks, delivery or dispensing spills poses a huge risk for convenience-fuel operators, especially if the pollution goes beyond their own site,” he said.

“As well as mandatory leak-detection systems such as SIRA, under NSW regulations you must have groundwater-monitoring wells installed and monitored every six months. In Victoria, you’re required to undertake groundwater monitoring if you have a sensitive site.”

Mr Griffin says any responsible convenience-fuel operator sitting on thousands of litres of fuel underground should know the potential for groundwater contamination, both on their site and on neighbouring properties.

“Reducing your site’s environmental liability and keeping groundwater-monitoring records also increases the value of your asset should you wish to sell down the track,” he said.

“Groundwater monitoring isn’t as onerous and expensive as you may think. Leighton O’Brien can help you understand your groundwater-monitoring obligations, determine if your site is sensitive, and establish a baseline of groundwater quality.”

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