Communicating via the sticky note

    While grabbing groceries from a local supermarket, I noticed a build-up of people waiting outside of the bottle shop next door. As I peered closer, it had seemed that there was a note left on the door, “Be back in 10 minutes”.

    And waited patiently, the people did.

    Using notes on a door, has been a way of communicating from business to customer, for a long time.

    New research shows that the same goes for Covid communicating.

    Nearly one in four businesses (23%) say they communicate their Covid-19 closure by simply sticking a sign on the door of their business.

    Additionally, a further 21% say they have not communicated with their customers at all.

    “We talk about ensuring the customer is always first, but these figures don’t reflect that,” says CEO of Sensis, John Allan.

    “In this day and age when we have social media, emails and phone – there are so many ways an organisation can relay information to their valued customers.”

    The research also shows that 35% of businesses had used their website to communicate to customers, 18% through Google, 43% via email, 24% through their social media channels, 10% through direct mail and 23% via phone.

    Regional businesses were more likely to put a sign on their door compared to their city counterparts.

    In the retail sector, 44% had stuck a sign on their door and 18% not updated their customers at all.

    Hospitality however, saw 45% put a sign on the door and 13% no update at all.

    The options are endless as to how businesses could communicate with their customers – sticky note, google or social media, just doing it is what’s really important.

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