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Chia Super Juice lands in Australia

Chia Super Juice lands in Australia

New Zealand-made Chia Super Juice has been launched in Australian stores.

The range of juices, containing Australian-grown chia seeds and fruit from New Zealand, are claimed to pack a healthy, nourishing “punch for the body and mind”.

“Chia was born out of my desire to design a delicious, nourishing beverage that has real ingredients and real benefits,” Chia founder Chloe Van Dyke said.

“The chia seed is well known for its superfood qualities when hydrated, and I wanted to bring this to life through the Chia drinks.”

Ms Van Dyke’s sister, Florence, who quit her career as a solicitor to join the Chia brand, claims that as a former triathlete she has felt the benefits of the product, which was originally designed for athletes, first hand.

“Chia fuelled me through my training and race days, and I want others to enjoy what the products can do for your performance,” she said.

“We’ve seen such a positive response to Chia in New Zealand and can’t wait for Australian consumers to enjoy our innovative health drink – made from their very own chia seed.”

Chia is said to be 100 per cent natural and free from gluten, refined sugar and preservatives.

The juices (RRP $4.99) are available in the flavours of Blackcurrant, Blueberry, Orange and Passionfruit, Coconut Water and Mango, and Feijoa and Pink Guava.