V helps students energise study

The latest digital campaign from V Energy enables students to convert display ads into their own preset study notes.

Recognising the fact that students will do anything to avoid studying, V Energy developed a new tool to help students in the lead-up to exams by replacing display adverts with study notes, giving them a little hit of subliminal study (and V branding) before they drift down the vortex of online content and social media distraction.

V AdNotes is a Google extension that, once installed, allows students to input notes, diagrams, graphs or pictures into the colour-coded subject blocks. They can turn their subjects on and off depending on what they are studying, and preview each study note in major display advert banner sizes. Once complete, they’ll then be studying every time they go on the internet as display adverts are turned into useful study notes.

“Procrastination while studying is inevitable, so while students are being distracted by the latest celebrity gossip, cat video, or meme, by using V AdNotes they will actually be subliminally studying each time a study note pops up in the place of an display advert,” V Energy Marketing Manager Craig Harkness said. “Our hope is that V Adnotes will help students improve their studies a bit.”

In support of V AdNotes, V Energy has visited and will be visiting six universities across Australia. The V Energy team will educate students on how to use V AdNotes and share some V Energy drinks on campus.

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