Small packages a success for Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola South Pacific has revealed the success of its smaller pack sizes, which the company says are now growing faster than larger alternatives.

Coca-Cola South Pacific launched its 250ml small cans last August and has seen a rapid expansion in market share to 12 per cent of total single-serve sales and is now claimed to have the highest transaction growth rate versus all other single-serve options.

Responding to consumer demand for smaller pack sizes, the sales success has been important in driving overall transaction growth for the company, with the 250ml can now available at 30 per cent of all retail outlets around Australia and 50 per cent of grocery outlets. 200ml multipacks are also now available in 95 per cent of grocery channels.

Coca-Cola South Pacific said it is continuing its commitment to smaller portion sizes, with the 450ml bottle downsizing to 390ml.

Coca-Cola South Pacific Marketing Director Lisa Winn said more people are now drinking their products in smaller quantities.

“It is fantastic to see that small packages are helping drive our overall transaction growth,” she said. “Right now it is clear that smaller packages are offering the perfect treat size refreshment.”

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