Peters appraises ice cream in the Covid era

The ice cream category has “really had to ride the ebbs and flows of Covid” in P&C, says Peters Ice Cream Category Manager Convenience and Speciality Parita Parekh.

“The start of 2021 saw some good growth but as we returned to a lockdown state across the country, the fall in foot traffic through this channel has meant that the category is in decline at an MAT perspective (down 1.3% in value growth) [IRI, AU Convenience Scan MAT to 3/7/22],” she says.

“That said, we have had a great start of the year, with a great summer helping drive sales, resulting in 2.9% value growth YTD 03/07/22 [IRI, AU Convenience Scan].”

According to Ms Parekh, Peters is well ahead of these levels, growing at both a MAT level (5.3%) and YTD (9.7%).

“This growth,” she says, “is coming from both the impulse side as well as the take home/tubs side of the business.”

Furthermore, Peters has three of the top five brands in impulse ice cream, says Ms Parekh.

“The biggest brand for Peters in P&C is Maxibon, up 19.2% in value growth (QTR to 3/7/22), an offer that strongly resonates with convenience shoppers,” she says. “We know that our Maxibon tribe love it when we innovate the biscuit end of the product, and our [recently launched Maxibon Waffle On] completely delivers on this.

Connoisseur is also a major brand for Peters. The brand taps into the consumer trend of premiumisation and delivers an indulgent experience through its flavour and format offers.

“Collaborations have always been a big part of the brand, starting with our Brooklyn Collection range in 2016, a collaboration with OddFellows Ice Cream Co. from Brooklyn, New York to create a unique range of flavours that took consumers on a journey through four iconic Brooklyn neighbourhoods, and more recently in October 2021, Connoisseur joined forces with artisan chocolatier Koko Black to deliver a range of indulgent ice cream creations and bring premium crafted chocolate to the ice cream category.”

She adds that “our next exciting NPD” will hit shelves next month.

Ms Parekh continues: “Drumstick is the leading cone offer in the market growing at 10.3% (QTR to 3/7/22) and has a strong classic range of flavours as well as a rotating range of NPD to generate excitement annually. It’s one of the few ice cream brands that can boast such a broad consumer base, loved by young and old alike!

“In January 2022, we surprised consumers with two new fudge-filled Drumsticks for the hot summer days. The choc hazelnut variant was launched in the P&C channel, and it was ‘oozing with deliciousness’. This range played heavily on the binge culture that evolved over Covid, overdosing the core of our cone with gooey, indulgent fudge.”

Ms Parekh adds: “Finally, our Cadbury range that we launched in July 2019 has already become a top 10 brand – currently number six (MAT to 3/7/22). Our latest addition, Caramilk in July 2021, has become a strong favourite in impulse and continues to drive growth for the channel.”

Read more from Peters, including trends and continuing challenges, August issue of Convenience World.

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