NRA emphasises innovation in retail with Imfree partnership

    Media Release

    6 July, 2020

    The National Retail Association (NRA) has today announced a partnership with Imfree, the first ‘PhyGital’ platform that connects local customers to bricks and mortar stores through a simple mobile app.

    Imfree transforms local area marketing and promotions by giving retailers the ability to easily create and publish specials and promotions directly to receptive consumers in their local area to drive sales, loyalty, and ROI. Dominque Lamb, CEO of the National Retail Association said that this is a great move in helping local residents and retailers connect in a new and innovative way.

    “With so many small businesses and retailers doing it tough, Imfree is presenting an excellent opportunity for those businesses to reconnect with their previous customers, as well as reach out to new ones. Shoppers will be able to find specials at their local stores at the press of a button, rather than sifting through a physical catalogue every week. We’ve long been advocating for retailers to emphasise their point of difference and find new ways to connect with their local community.”

    Imfree CEO Cris Dawes shared a similar sentiment in his statement; “Imfree is proud to partner with the NRA to support and amplify Australian Retail and Fast Food Business’ to ‘snap back’ from the post Covid and bushfire economy with confidence and rigor. Imfree is a purpose built, real time app-based platform designed to empower every size of business with next generation ‘PhyGital’ technology to meet the new reality of on-demand, hyper localised consumer behaviour.”

    Imfree has an introductory offer for NRA members, giving them the ability to create and launch marketing and promotions through the platform from just 99c per day. The NRA is confident that its membership will find incredible benefit and will embrace this low-cost, omni-channel marketing platform.

    See website for more information:

    Source: NRA.

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