Mountain Dew with a fruity kick

PepsiCo has released three new “fruity” flavours in its Mountain Dew range. The company says Mountain Dew KickStart, now available in Australia, combines the refreshing taste of Mountain Dew with five per cent juice and caffeine, providing “the right amount of kick”.

It is available in Orange Citrus, Limeade and Midnight Grape.

So far in 2017, PepsiCo has launched a suite of beverages aimed at meeting consumers’ evolving tastes, including Pepsi Max Vanilla, Gatorade G-Active Flavoured Electrolyte Water and Mountain Dew KickStart.

With Pepsi Max Vanilla, PepsiCo says it is continuing to push the envelope on flavour innovation, with the product offering a blend of the refreshing taste of Pepsi Max and a hint of vanilla while maintaining its signature ‘no-sugar’ offering.

Gatorade’s G Active Flavoured Electrolyte Water line of innovative beverages has been formulated for fitness enthusiasts who lead busy work and home lives.

Available in lemon, orange and berry flavours, it is promoted as providing enhanced hydration benefits during workouts, while containing no sugar and working to help replace what is lost in sweat.

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