Milk alternatives on the rise

According to research, one in six Aussies are now “100 per cent dairy free”, while sales for plant-based milks “continue to skyrocket” as more eco-conscious and health-driven consumers look for new choices.

Califia Farms adds dairy-free options

Responding to this demand, Califia Farms has introduced three “nutritious” new plant milks to the Australian market: Original Oat Milk, Vanilla Oat Milk and Unsweetened Almond Barista Blend.

Sydney dietitian and nutritionist Rebecca Gawthorne welcomes more dairy free options.

“A lot of people worry that replacing dairy milk with plant-based alternatives will mean they’re not getting key nutrients, but it’s not the case if you choose wisely,” she said. “Califia’s new plant milks are not only delicious, but they all have no sugar added, and are fortified with an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D – plus, oat milk is a source of dietary fibre, which is important for gut health.”

With home coffee consumption increasing by 37 per cent during the Covid-19 era, more Aussies are also looking for quality choices when it comes to their daily brew.

Bickford’s plants Australia’s first pistachio milk in Woolies

Bickford’s says it is putting plant-based drinks in the spotlight, bringing its Macadamia Milk and Australia’s first Pistachio Milk to Woolworths in Victoria and NSW as part of the rollout of its Premium Plant Milk range.

Demand for milk alternatives in Australia has soared, with sales of dairy alternatives growing 48 per cent to 132 million litres in the past four years, according to Bickford’s.

With uses including topping up coffee, pouring over cereals, incorporating in baking recipes, and simply enjoying it chilled, among other options, Bickford’s Premium Plant Milk is promoted as being produced via “world class technology” with vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians in mind.

Read more about milk alternatives on the rise in the coffee culture feature in the May issue of Convenience World.

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