Consumers more attuned to health than ever

Shoppers are demanding healthier, yet more convenient, choices – not just for themselves, but their young ones too.

According to FroPro General Manager Matthew Beger, parents are far more educated now on what they should be feeding their children.

“They’re aware of the detrimental effects of feeding their children poor-nutrient and high-sugar foods,” he says.

“Over the last two years, we’ve seen a huge shift to a healthy eating focus, not only at home but also across the Australian school landscape, with the introduction of the traffic-light system in association with the nation’s healthy food and drink guidelines.

“We’ve seen how this rationale has translated into parental buying habits across retailers with the emergence of more health focused snacking and meal options for kids. As a parent of four kids myself, a lot of our purchasing decisions are based around reducing unnecessarily added sugars and artificial elements to our kids’ diets, while ensuring they have enough nutrients to sustain their day-to-day activities.

“Parents want convenience and easy-to-understand health options that pass the kids taste test. If it ticks those boxes, it becomes a staple in our household.”

This isn’t limited to food choices, though, with parents seeking better beverage choices for their children, too.

Remedy Drinks Marketing Manager Amie Spengler says when parents look for healthy drinks for their children, they consider whether the products add “good stuff” or take “bad stuff” out.

“That means parents are looking for drinks that have added goodness, like organic ingredients, live-cultures, vitamins,” she says, “or drinks that have no sugar, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives.”

In the May issue of Convenience World, we highlight how FroPro and Remedy are creating healthy options for kids that maximise taste, convenience and overall enjoyment.

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