Clear protein beverage now available

Bodie’z Protein Water offers a clear protein water that includes electrolytes, vitamins, protein and branched-chain amino acids in a single serve.

Company founder Bodie Lazar says the product has taken two years to perfect and, as a clear protein water, is unique, as protein drinks, being ‘whey’ products, are traditionally high in dairy content.

“Bodie’z Protein Water has stripped 99 per cent of the lactose out of the whey protein,” he said. “This has assisted in making the product clear.

“The importance of this is that protein consumption has become even easier. This is the first protein drink that has the mouth and stomach feel that a water or rehydration beverage does. This enables consumers to ingest protein while undertaking endurance and/or high-cardio exercise. It’s also the perfect replacement for high-sugar ‘impulse’ beverages and can be used as a meal replacement.”

Bodie’z Protein Water is all natural, contains less than 1g of sugar, carbs and fat and incorporates 30g of whey protein isolate, uses natural colours, flavours and sweeteners and is free of preservatives. It is shelf stable for 14 months, has been pasteurised and doesn’t require refrigeration, although Bodie’z says it also works well positioned as an impulse buy in the fridge.

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