Chocaholics don’t discriminate on shape

The latest findings from Roy Morgan reveal that the majority of chocolate-bar eaters are above-average consumers of other chocolate products, including blocks, boxes and biscuits.

In the 12 months to March 2016, 17.4 per cent of Australians over the age of 14 consumed at least one Cadbury 50g chocolate bar in an average four-week period, well ahead of Kit Kat (12.8 per cent), Cadbury-owned Cherry Ripe (11.8 per cent), Mars Bar (9.3 per cent) and Snickers (6.7 per cent).

But it seems that it takes more than a chocolate bar to satisfy some folks’ choc cravings. In any given four-week period, 55.8 per cent of Australian chocolate-bar eaters also eat block chocolate, well above the national average of 42.8 per cent.

Meanwhile, 25.7 per cent of chocolate-bar eaters also consume boxed chocolates – once again, outstripping the population average (18.6 per cent) – and 17.1 per cent eat both the block and boxed varieties on top of their bar/s (versus 11.3 per cent).

Of course, chocolate cravings can be quelled in other ways, and chocolate-bar eaters are more likely than the average Aussie to resort to these too. For example, almost three out of every 10 eat chocolate-coated biscuits in an average seven-day period (versus the population average of 21.8 per cent). Their consumption of hot chocolate and even chocolate-flavoured milk is also above average.

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