Breakfast drinks: not just for breakfast?

While a large number of Australians say that they often don’t have time for breakfast, this has not necessarily translated into success for convenient breakfast drinks such as Up&Go and Nutri-Grain Breakfast Fuel.

According to Roy Morgan Research, 23 per cent of Australians older than 14 (4.5 million people) say they seldom have time for breakfast, but only 10 per cent of them consume breakfast drinks in an average week. While this demographic represents 38 per cent of the total consumption of breakfast drinks, cereal (24 per cent), biscuits such as Weetbix (19 per cent) and porridge (13 per cent) are all more popular choices among these time-poor consumers.

“Even though these drinks tend to be marketed as a healthy breakfast substitute for people on the go, the majority of people consuming them do have time for breakfast,” Roy Morgan Research Industry Communications Director Norman Morris said. “Given the overwhelming popularity of cereal and porridge, it’s fair to conclude that many people are consuming breakfast drinks for ‘non-breakfast’ purposes – as they would, say, a protein drink or an energy drink.”

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