Aussie petrol prices still below pre-pandemic levels

    Although the average petrol price rose in the September quarter 2020, they still remain well below the 15-year real average of 151.6 cents per litre (cpl).

    The latest petrol monitoring report shows the average petrol price in the September quarter across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, as 122.1 cpl.

    This is an increase of 13.1 cpl from the June quarter 2020.

    “We saw some major fluctuations during the first six months of the pandemic but petrol prices stabilised in the September quarter,” says ACCC Chair, Rod Sims.

    “Australia’s retail petrol prices are largely determined by international refined petrol prices, and between July and September we saw very steady international prices keeping our prices here within a narrower band.”

    Throughout September, petrol sales volumes across Australia were 19% lower than monthly average sales in 2019, influenced by a 44% drop in Victoria because of the state’s Covid-19 restrictions.

    Convenience World magazine presents updated petrol prices, weekly. Click here to view petrol prices from the week ending 6 December.

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