Ashton Kutcher fronts Wrigley Extra campaign

In a new campaign from Extra, actor Ashton Kutcher gives a masterclass in oral care as he breaks up with the “deliciously spicy pizza”.

Mimicking a real relationship, Mr Kutcher does his best to ‘break up’ with the animated food character (pizza). He loves pizza, but, as with many foods and drinks, it has a habit of overstaying its welcome, which undermines his confidence and can have an impact on the health of his teeth.

Only when he turns to his packet of Extra sugar-free gum for help can he finally wave his love goodbye and regain confidence.

“With a world-famous smile, who better than Ashton Kutcher to front the new Extra campaign?” Wrigley Marketing Director Pacific Region Tami Cunningham said. “Chewing sugar-free gum is an easy and enjoyable way to help clean your teeth after eating and drinking on the go, wherever you are – it tastes great, too.”

The ad will air throughout 2015 in Australia as well as 40 other countries and is the latest instalment of Extra’s oral-care campaign, which has previously featured another actor, Antonio Banderas.

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