Accredited Distributors celebrates its 21st

Accredited Distributors (AD) held its 21st Annual Trade Show at its Dandenong warehouse in Melbourne last week.

The event showcased 58 supplier stands, with former AFL Premiership player John Barnes as MC, and focused on writing orders and making sales between retailers and AD’s 220 suppliers of confectionery, beverages, snacks and dry grocery.

Despite poor weather, nearly 800 retailers attended the show, along with 158 guests, including 102 ‘VIPs’.

One of the key developments for the show’s 21st edition was the introduction of the Accredited Trade Show App. Suppliers went to the Apple Store before the show and downloaded the app, with AD providing training in its use.

The app allowed suppliers at the event to instantly drop orders into the AD system, while also providing data for them to gain insights following the completion of the show.

“This is our 21st year for the trade show,” Accredited Distributors Managing Director Craig Bain said. “We’ve always contemplated moving from here, moving it offsite, but what would that do to the show? I think people like to come and experience where they get the product from and it’s geared around doing a deal with a manufacturer.”

Following the trade show, the company held a 1970s-themed cocktail party at the Luminare nightclub venue in South Melbourne. Afros and Boho-chic were in vogue and Elvis impersonators in rhinestone jumpsuits mingled with hippies, Stormtroopers and the Village People. AD founder Terry Booth spoke, thanking the current team for taking the trade show from humble origins to one of acclaim.

A number of awards were presented on the night, including Best Gold Sponsor Display to the Smith’s Snackfood Company, and Best Silver Sponsor Display to Crankt Protein. Red Bull and Smith’s shared the Best Gold Supplier Award. Cameron Ogilvy of the Confectionery Trading Co was presented with a special award for his attendance at 20 individual Accredited Distributors Trade Shows.

Cocktails inspired by Red Bull fuelled the remainder of the night, as revellers celebrated the special occasion until the early morning.

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