Two million Australians take a performance-enhancing supplement

One in 10 Australians over the age of 14 have taken Berocca in the past 12 months, Roy Morgan Research shows.

Berocca consumption varies by age, but notably has two distinct peaks: it rises sharply from teenagers to 22-24 year-olds, when almost one in five take Berocca at least once in a 12-month period: the rate of consumption then declines throughout late-20s and 30s to just below the norm, but bounces back up throughout our 40s to a secondary peak of 15 per cent among 45-49 year olds before its popularity again declines.

Roy Morgan Research Industry Communications Director Norman Morris says the two peaks in consumption incidence – 25 years apart – suggest an interesting trend for Berocca.

“The supplement’s advertised energy-boosting potential appeals most at two stages of life: to younger people out and about, perhaps drinking [and getting hungover], uninterested in cooking ‘performance-enhancing’ meals, doing multiple sports, and studying hard or adjusting to full-time work with a gig at 11pm on a Tuesday: and those with bigger responsibilities and longer hours at work, with kids to chauffeur, a mortgage to pay and a deck to repaint on the weekend.”

Among the distinguishing attitudes of Berocca consumers compared with the national norm, they are 22 per cent more likely to find it difficult to switch off from work, 19 per cent more likely to say they snack throughout the day, 15 per cent more likely to love doing as many sports as possible, 14 per cent more likely to agree they live a full and busy life, and 13 per cent more likely to sometimes have meal-replacement drinks or agree there are not enough hours in the day.

Essendon Supporters are 39 per cent more likely than average to have had Berocca in the past year, while AFL supporters overall are eight per cent more likely.

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