The whole (bean) truth

    Convenience World discusses the advantages of using whole bean coffee in your cafe or convenience store.

    Benefits of the whole bean


    While using pre-ground coffee is beneficial due to its convenience, there can be a major difference between the freshness, flavour and scent of coffee depending on how it’s made.

    A huge benefit of using whole coffee bean is the consumer will always get the freshest cup possible, if properly stored. According to Koffee Kult, the difference in freshness between pre-ground coffee and whole bean, is highly noticeable.


    Coffee educator Garrett Oden at Java Presse says that whole beans give the barista power to switch up the flavours.

    When it comes to pre-ground, you have to use the flavours that the package comes with, and you’re unable to change the grind size which means you may not be able to brew it.

    DHUWA Coffee Co-founder and Managing Director of Griffith Bros Coffee Roasters Peter Patisteas explains: “Coffee is a luxury that people won’t compromise on. Our research shows customers look for quality coffee they can make at home. The easiest way for people to achieve the perfect DHUWA cup is to first select the blend based on strength, flavour profile or origin they would like to try and grind the beans to suit their preferred brew method.”

    To read the full feature, visit the July/August issue of Convenience World.

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