South Australians save $20m at the bowser

South Australians are saving more than $20 million a year on fuel thanks to the state government’s live fuel price monitoring, a new RAA report has shown.

According to the RAA’s latest fuel survey, motorists are saving $315 per year on average by having the power to shop around and buy when fuel is cheaper.

65,000 South Australians use the RAA app each month, resulting in an overall annual saving of approximately $20.5 million from the RAA app alone.

The average price of unleaded petrol in Adelaide so far in 2024 is 192¢ per litre, up from 149¢ per litre in 2021 when the last survey was conducted).

As a result, 74% of those surveyed said they now spend more than $100 per month on fuel compared to 36% in 2021.

Under the fuel pricing information scheme, fuel retailers are required to report their prices to a central database within 30 minutes of changing the price at the pump.

Drivers can then access free fuel price information via fuel price apps including Petrol Spy, Motor Mouth, the RAA app, SA Bowser: Should I Fuel?, Fuel Price Australia, ServoTrack and Pumped.

“Live fuel pricing has been a game changer for South Australians,” says SA Minister for Small and Family Business, Consumer and Business Affairs & Arts Andrea Michaels.

“Each year, South Australians are saving more than $20 million at the bowser thanks to live fuel pricing.

“With cost-of-living pressures continuing to bite, the ability to shop around and buy petrol when it is cheaper is helping South Australians to save money and offset the rising price of fuel.”

Consumer and Business Services conducts regular inspections and petrol station operators face penalties of $649 ($550 plus $99 Victim of Crime levy) – or fines in court of up to $10,000 – especially if they have ignored previous warnings.

CBS has conducted more than 2800 inspections, investigated 1921 complaints and issued 356 warnings and 58 expiations totalling more than $31,900 in fines and levies since the scheme’s introduction.

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