Slurpee campaign wins international Shorty Award

Slurpee’s ‘Thrills, no spills’ social-media campaign won the food and beverage category in the international Shorty Awards in New York last week, beating social-media campaigns from food and beverage brands across the world.

The yearly awards recognise the people and organisations producing real-time short-form content across social-media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram and Vine.

Slurpee’s ‘Thrills, no spills’ campaign, created by Isobar, focused on driving sales of the Slurpee sports bottle.

According to 7-Eleven Head of Brand and Communications Jess Richmond, the sports bottle launched during winter to drive Slurpee sales in the colder part of the year.

“While the concept of a sports bottle is not new, we wanted the way we communicated it to be unique and trailblazing, just like Slurpee,” she said.

The campaign saw the Slurpee cup battle it out against the Slurpee sports bottle in a giant slingshot, and then took the Slurpee sports bottle into new situations such as a vomatron fairground ride, flipping on a trampoline, surfing, and even doing yoga.

Ms Richmond said ‘Thrills, no spills’ really resonated with Slurpee’s audience, delivering excellent results.

“The campaign certainly surpassed even our expectations, with huge increases in digital engagement, and bottle sales much higher than anticipated, particularly for this time of year,” she said.

“The bottle campaign was so popular with customers that we are bringing the Slurpee sports bottle back in May, with great new designs in BPA-free, dishwater-safe bottles. I’m really excited to see the new Slurpee ‘Thrills, no spills’ moments the team comes up with.”

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