NightOwl’s newest store opens in Brisbane’s CBD

The grand opening of the new store ran from September 28 to 30, offering huge exposure and a fantastic new convenience option for the bustling CBD hub.


The event featured promo teams, Owlando (NightOwl’s mascot), the Owl Van, amazing in-store offers and huge giveaways of favourites such as Smith’s crisps, Kit-Kats, Cherry Ripes, Red Bulls, doughnuts, V energy drinks, and Ice Breaks.

Franchisees of the Adelaide Street store Andy and Yutah Hursthouse were overjoyed with the success of the launch.

“We are just so thankful for the positive response we’ve had so far and couldn’t have asked for a better launch,” Mr Hursthouse said,
“The locals have really welcomed our store and we are already getting to know some of the regular shoppers.”

The NightOwl store will continue to improve the region and will be a welcome addition for locals, commuters and tourists forever in need of an all-in-one convenience option.

As part of NightOwl’s ‘Store of the Future’ rollout, the Adelaide Street store features an innovative new layout and product/service offering that encompasses modern shoppers’ needs and lends itself to a high-tech lifestyle.

High-tech LED screens provide customers with information on promotions and offers from a distance while in-store TVs streamline the shopping experience, displaying a range of combo deals and popular products.

The digital presence within the stores has received significant praise from customers, with many of them making NightOwl their regular convenience option over less technologically advanced competitors.

The Adelaide Street NightOwl store features the following Store of the Future offerings:

  • A barista-quality in-store café at exceptional prices backed by a 100 per cent taste guarantee.
  • A comprehensive health and beauty section.
  • An on-the-go foodservice offering with healthy ready-to-eat options, plus traditional favourites.
  • A wide-ranging grocery and local fresh produce offering.
  • A stylish new ‘Fun Wall’ for frozen beverages and ice-cream.
  • Newspapers, magazines and a high-tech mobile phone accessory unit.

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