Healthier hydration to hit the nation

Frucor Australia has developed Ovi Hydration, which promises to be a simple addition to people’s daily regime that will make staying hydrated easy, more natural and, most importantly, tasty.

Ovi Hydration offers ‘healthy hydration’ through a unique formulation of water, natural minerals, antioxidants from green tea and fruit to provide the hydration the body needs to get through the day.

Designed to offer a unique beverage solution for the health-conscious 18-35 year old female, the concept of Ovi Hydration was born out of the consumer desire for beverages that promise hydration without the high sugar content and artificial ingredients of current ‘water-plus’ beverages.

“We kept hearing in research that women were increasingly frustrated with the lack of genuinely healthy options available to them outside of plain water and were frequently walking away from fridges empty-handed,” Frucor Beverages Seed and Develop Logan O’Brien said.

It is the first collaboration between Frucor and its Japanese-owned parent company, Suntory.

“It’s a unique product offering that we believe will reinvigorate the water-plus category and has the potential to become Suntory’s first global non-alcoholic beverage brand,” Mr. O’Brien said.

Ovi Hydration launched in 500ml SKUs in Peach, Citrus and Berry, supported by a $10m integrated marketing campaign.

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