Health Star Rating system: healthier choices made easy

health_star_rating_logo_fnl_WEBHealth Star Ratings, assessing positive and risk nutrients in food, now appear on more than 3,000 packaged food products in Australian supermarkets.

The system allows shoppers to quickly compare the general nutritional profile of foods within the same category of packaged and processed goods – for example, one breakfast cereal with another, one muesli bar with another or one margarine spread with another.

A high Health Star Rating is just one tool available to help people make healthier choices between similar packaged foods. Nutrient icons, the Nutrition Information Panel and the ingredients list provide additional information about key nutrients and ingredients to help in the choice of a healthier product.

The system helps to take some of the guesswork out of shopping and assists shoppers to make smarter choices when it comes to buying packaged and processed food. It also allows people to quickly compare the general nutritional profile of foods and choose those with more fibre and less saturated fats or sugars.

The Health Star Rating system was developed through a collaborative process involving federal, state and territory governments and industry, public-health and consumer groups, with additional technical input provided by Food Standards Australia New Zealand.

For more information about the Health Star Rating system, visit www.healthstarrating.gov.au.

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