Good Earth delivers unique flavour hit

    Promoted as being naturally low in sugar and contained within environmentally-friendly packaging, Good Earth Organic Kombucha is said to be “good for us and good for the earth”.

    Since its founding in California in 1972, Good Earth has been brewing “full-flavoured teas with exotic and natural flavours with no added nasties”. Tata Global Beverages recently brought Good Earth to Australia, noting it had been charmed by the philosophy of the brand.

    “We share the same passion for creating tasty drinks that you can feel good about enjoying,” a spokesperson said.

    Good Earth “believes feeling good outside begins on the inside”, saying this is why the company uses organic ingredients to create a range of healthy alternatives to sugary drinks. Furthermore, it says, Good Earth’s packaging is environmentally friendly, so customers can feel good while helping to create a sustainable future.

    Good Earth spoke with Melbourne locals and says it discovered they have a real desire for a delicious drink that can be enjoyed without guilt, which led the company to creating its own line of kombucha – made from natural ingredients, organically certified, containing less than 2.5g sugar per 100ml, with “zero artificial nasties”.

    The company also conducted a trial market with some Australian stores to make sure the flavour profiles were right. The result, it says, is four distinctive flavours: Passionfruit & Lime (“tropical zing”), Lemongrass & Ginger (“refreshingly herbaceous”), Pomegranate & Acai (“sweet and fruity”), and Original (“sharp and tart”).

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