Females are safer on the road, says new delivery service

    eDelivery is currently recruiting, and their aim is to hire as many female drivers as they can.

    The new delivery service is promising to deliver online retail purchases in roughly the same amount of time it takes to deliver a pizza.

    “Men are up to three times more likely to be caught drunk driving or speeding than women,” says founder and managing director, Carl Popovic.

    “Statistically, women are involved in fewer road rage incidents, fewer serious accidents and are less likely to get a ticket.”

    This view is supported by research recently released by road traffic institute, Vias.

    According to Vias, women take fewer risks than men when driving, and are less likely to be involved in serious accidents. The statistics show that women make up 44% of minor injuries resulting from accidents, but only 33% of serious injuries, and 23% of fatalities.

    “In the case of eDelivery, we are hoping to recruit as many female drivers as possible,” explains Mr Popovic.

    “We are calling on mums, grandmothers and female job seekers and students looking for flexible work to contact us today. We want you!”

    A new way of delivering

    Mr Popovic says that eDelivery is taking place at a time when online retail spending is on the rise and many people are looking for work.

    “eDelivery is going to revolutionise the retail sector in Australia. Essentially, we are Uberising delivery systems in Australia. Rather than retailers sending items to customers via Australia Post – which can take days – they can have their items delivered to shoppers within two hours for less than $8.”

    eDelivery will offer 24/7 delivery and their goal is to have everything delivered within two hours.

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