Costco customers happiest at the pump

Despite being member-only and having just five fuel stations across the country, Costco has topped a Canstar Blue customer satisfaction ranking.

Costco recorded the highest overall satisfaction score and also topped the rankings for appearance and price of petrol. Puma Energy and Caltex Australia ranked highest for items for sales and Caltex also led in facilities. When it came to service, BP, Caltex, Coles, Metro and Puma each scored four out of five stars.

Full details of the reviews can be found here.

The research also found that 41 per cent of motorists always go to the same service station, and their reasons are as follows.

  • It’s convenient to go there (eg, close to home or work): 47 per cent.
  • Earning reward points: 24 per cent.
  • It tends to be the cheapest: 23 per cent.
  • Other reasons: six per cent.

While four out of 10 motorists have their reasons for filling up at the same place, about six out of 10 told Canstar Blue they closely follow the ebb and flow or pricing in order to buy fuel on days when it’s cheapest. In addition, 14 per cent have an app to track prices.

However, there’s no doubt that the cost of fuel continues to hurt many Aussies, with 52 per cent of survey respondents reporting that even small increases in fuel prices hurts their budget hard, while 38 per cent have started using their car less to save money.

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