Coca-Cola launches new 250ml bottle

Coca-Cola South Pacific has launched a new 250ml bottle into the Australian market, increasing the availability of small packs in more than 2,500 retail outlets.

The launch of the new bottle follows the brand’s continued success of its smaller pack offerings, which were introduced in response to consumer demand for smaller package sizes and have proved popular with retailers and consumers.

Sales of single serve small packs (i.e. those under 300ml) grew by 88 per cent between 2013 and 2015. Today, Coca-Cola offers small packs in 89 per cent of its grocery stores, and 69 per cent in convenience stores and petrol stations.

To support the launch, the brand has rolled out an Australian-first TVC that focuses on the message that Coca-Cola products, like all things in life, are best enjoyed in the ‘right amount for you’. As part of the multi-million dollar campaign, the TVC will run nationwide for three weeks through October.

“At Coca-Cola, we have a legacy of offering choice and innovation to customers,” Coca-Cola South Pacific Marketing Director Lisa Winn said.

“The launch of our ‘In the Right Amount’ campaign showcases our commitment to making sure smaller packs are available when consumers want to purchase them. The campaign has a powerful but sensible message that we hope will resonate with our customers.”

Coca-Cola’s new 250ml PET mini bottles are now available nationwide and will be available in 45 per cent of corner shops and convenience stores by the end of 2016.

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