Caltex unveils new truck monitoring technology

Caltex has released Caltex Telematics, a technology that gives businesses real-time information on driver and vehicle performance, as well as the ability to predict future mechanical faults.

After conducting pilot testing on its fleet, Caltex plans to make the telematics solution available to the industry.

“With fuel and physical assets the two biggest costs of business, we’re excited to offer a tried-and-tested telematics system to help our customers achieve significant performance and safety enhancements,” Caltex General Manager Commercial Bruce Rosengarten said.

“It focuses on how vehicles are driven both in terms of general behaviour, like acceleration and cornering, to mechanical behaviour in how drivers physically engage with the vehicle: for example, clutch use, gear changes and braking.”

Caltex Telematics will be showcased at the International Trailer & Equipment Show in Melbourne on May 5-7.

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