Caltex supports communities hit be natural disasters

Caltex Australia has pledged $250,000 to help the community of Kurnell rebuild and recover from the recent tornado in Sydney’s south.

Caltex has been part of Kurnell since the 1950s and a proud employer of many current and past residents of the suburb.

Close to 300 employees and contractors were on site at the Caltex terminal when the tornado struck and saw first-hand the devastating effects. In addition, some employees were affected by the tornado. Caltex is assisting them where possible.

Caltex Australia Managing Director and CEO Julian Segal says he visited Kurnell to speak with the team that was on the ground during the tornado and to see the impact that it had on Caltex’s terminal and the community.

“As a concerned neighbour and friend of the community, we would like to contribute financially to the rebuilding of this great community,” he said.

“We’ve liaised with government and others to identify the best way to direct the $250,000 donation to ensure it is distributed to the services and people who need it most.”

The donation will be made to Red Cross, one of the many support agencies assisting the Kurnell community.

Caltex delivers for frontline WA fire crews

Caltex Australia’s on-site refuelling trucks maintained regular deliveries to emergency services working on the frontline of firefighting efforts in the Peel and South West regions of Western Australia in early January.

Without Caltex’s use of on-site refuelling trucks, which eliminate the need for a service station, firefighting vehicles would need to leave the area to fill up with fuel at the nearest town.

Under the escort of emergency services, Caltex trucks also safely made deliveries to towns that would otherwise be cut off from the usual fuel supply routes.

As a result, the only Caltex site unable to provide fuel was the town of Harvey, which had been evacuated.

All other Caltex retail sites across the Peel and South West regions remained open and supplied with all fuel grades due to the coordinated supply efforts.

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