Aussies replace travel bug with local cafe experiences

    With Australia’s case numbers spiking again, most people are accepting the fact that travel and big events won’t occur for a substantial amount of time (most likely while gritting their teeth).

    The Toluna Covid-19 Barometer is a bi-weekly index that taps into a community panel of 30+ million members providing accurate and timely information on the world’s perceptions regarding the Coronavirus.

    “With the country in various stages of lockdown, Australians have adjusted to the reality that travel and big-ticket events are going to be off the cards for some time,” says Business Director of Toluna Australia & NZ.

    “This has made consumers more cautious with their spending, but the good news for local cafes and retailers is that they are still spending and eating out is high on the agenda.”

    Despite 40% of respondents citing they’ll be more careful about where they spend their money over the coming months, 45% are planning on eating out in the coming months.

    Other local businesses consumers intend to go to over the next 1 to 2 months include:

    • Hairdressers/salons – 30%
    • Cinemas – 21%
    • Gyms – 16%

    Grocery stats

    Aussies are still more likely to do their grocery shopping in store, with 65% having done their groceries over the past two weeks, while only 19% have shopped for groceries online.

    Stocking up for potential lockdowns could potentially be playing on people’s minds, with the below items being added to shoppers’ trolleys over the past two weeks:

    • Long life or canned goods – 40%
    • Frozen food – 53%
    • Cleaning products – 50%
    • Handwash or sanitiser – 40%
    • Toilet rolls – 48%
    • Pasta – 43%
    • Vitamins – 30%

    However, concern is still prevalent among shoppers, as 62% of Aussies are now more fearful about a second wave of Covid-19 than the resulting economic downturn, compared with 32% who are more worried about the economy.

    Mr Walker says: “As the pandemic progresses, it’s important for businesses to monitor evolving consumer perceptions and habits and adjust their services accordingly.”

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