Adjusting to a new normal, help from ACAPMA

    To help fuel wholesale, retail and administrative operations understand, document and meet the requirements of the new ‘normal’, ACAPMA have released a Fuel Industry Specific COVIDSafe Plan template.

    As the lockdowns ease and those people and business that had to stay indoors due to the restrictions, come out and begin their everyday again, a new normal will have to be embraced.

    There must be processes that recognise that despite our clear and early success against the disease, there will need to be long term, concerted change within businesses and the community to ensure that we do not suffer a series of secondary and tertiary spikes in infections and that undo and undermine the gains that have been made through the sacrifices of the lockdown.

    “All businesses, including fuel businesses, will need to develop COVIDSafe Plans that assess the risks of COVID-19, identify the control mechanisms, formalise the workplace responses and address the potential scenarios of workplace and community infection,” says ACAPMA Executive Manager for Employment and Training, Elisha Radwanowski.

    “This is a requirement under the Work Health and Safety Laws.”

    To assist businesses in the fuel industry, ACAPMA has developed the ACAPMA COVIDSafe Plan Guide as a roadmap for best practice fuel retail and wholesale operations. The Guide provides contextual information and resources, as well as a template Plan and matrix for customisation and application within the unique situation of the business itself, all specific to the fuel industry.

    “Implementing the COVIDSafe Plan in fuel businesses will require the business to ensure that staff are trained. Businesses will be called on by Health and work safety authorities to demonstrate that they have got a plan and that staff have been trained in the Plan and in the practical elements of the risks, hazards and controls around COVID-19.

    “To assist members with this vital element next week ACAPMA will launch the ACAPMA COVID-19 Awareness courses online. These courses will be offered free to all ACAPMA members and delivered through the ACAPMA eLearning portal,” explains Ms Radwanowski.

    To request your copy of the ACAPMA COVIDSafe Plan Guide, email:

    This is an edited version of an article originally circulated by ACAPMA on May 15, 2020.

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