A lifeline to small businesses

The federal government’s latest support measures designed to see small businesses through the COVID-19 crisis has been welcomed by the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman Kate Carnell.

“The federal government has listened to the feedback we have provided and responded to the needs of small and family businesses accordingly,” says Ms Carnell.

The economic support package includes:

  • Support for households including casuals, sole-traders, retirees and those on income support.
  • Assistance for businesses to keep people in a job.
  • Regulatory protection and financial support for businesses to stay in business.

“Importantly, sole traders who experience a significant loss of income, will be eligible for the coronavirus supplement and jobseeker payment which will assist them to continue working for the next 6 months,” says Ms Carnell.

“The government is providing small and medium sized businesses that employ people with up to $100,000 (minimum payment of $20,000) to assist with outgoings so they can keep their doors open for as long as possible.”

“People experiencing financial hardship can now access up to $10,000 of their superannuation this financial year and an extra $10,000 the year after without paying tax.”

“Ultimately, this package gives small and family business some breathing space until circumstances return to normal, which will play a critical role in their survival and the ability for our economy to bounce back.”

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