2024 Asia Pacific Fuel Industry Forum – Bigger, better and smarter

The 2024 Asia Pacific Fuel Industry Forum has been expanded and will comprise three events in one – the APFIF Conference, the new C360 Expo, and the Australian Fuel and Convenience Awards Gala Dinner. The new three-day C360 Expo will afford free entry to all businesses operating in the wider Australian Convenience Industry (with free entry). The two-day APFIF Conference will again bring a high-profile line-up of speakers to share perspectives on the key issues that continue to reshape the P&C Industry. APFIF24 Exhibitor bookings are now open.

The 2024 Asia Pacific Fuel Industry Forum (APFIF 24) returns to the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, but with the addition of the inaugural C360 Expo. The three- day program commences on Monday, 23 September 2024 and concludes with the Australian Fuel and Convenience Awards Gala Dinner on the night of Wednesday, 25 September 2024.

“The addition of the C360 Expo brings an exciting new dimension to the APFI Forum, providing a show case of new developments in Food & Beverage, café-style hospitality products and services, new innovations in P&C retail”, says ACAPMA CEO Mark McKenzie.

“Our partner Convenience World is delivering the new Expo while ACAPMA will remain focused on the delivery of the APFIF Conference, with a view to ensuring that every delegate walks away with valuable insights into the factors continue to reshape the Australian P&C market”, added Mark.

APFIF24 is essentially three events in one, with the three-day C360 Convenience Industry Expo designed to complement the activities of the traditional two-day APFI Conference. Each element of APFI24 can be summarised as follows:

  • C360 Expo (Monday, 23 September 2024 and Wednesday, 25 September 2024): This event bumps in on the Sunday, 22 September 2024 and comprises two elements. The first is the Food and Beverage Expo which is in an outdoor area that will be utilised throughout the three days for food and beverage sampling but will also form the basis of the APFI Food Fair element on the night of Tuesday, 24 September 2024. The second is the Innovation Expo which provides an opportunity to showcase energy, hospitality, and retail innovations for the Australian P&C Sector.

Entry to the Expo will be free of charge (albeit electronically ticketed to collect contact information of attendees). Importantly, the Expo will be marketed to the broader Australian Convenience Sector including both fuel and non-fuel retail businesses.

  • APFIF Conference and APFIF Business Stands (Tuesday, 24 September 2024 and Wednesday, 25 September 2024): This event is the annual industry conference run by ACAPMA and attracted 350 delegates in 2023 – many being industry leaders and owners of fuel wholesale and P&C businesses. The event opens with a Welcome BBQ on Monday, 23 September 2024 and includes the APFIF Food Fair on the night of Tuesday, 24 September in the area served by the C360 Expo (i.e. the exhibitors will provide food and beverage for the Festival supported by ‘street-style’ entertainment in a relaxed setting for all APFI delegates). Attendance at the Conference and the associated social events (Welcome BBQ and Food Fair at the conclusion of Day 1) will via a paid ticket, as per previous years.
  • Australian Fuel and Convenience Awards Dinner (Wednesday, 25 September 2024): The Australian Fuel & Convenience Industry Awards (AFCA) is proudly brought to you by ACAPMA and Convenience World. The Awards dinner will be run for only the second time ever. It serves the dual function of being the Gala Dinner for APFIF24 as well as a formal event to recognise those businesses that are making a positive contribution to the Australian Fuel industry. Last year’s inaugural event was attended by 450 guests and this year’s event has been developed for up to 800 industry delegates. Further details of these Awards can be found at: AFC Awards – 2024 APFI Forum).

These Industry Days have been designed to allow host organisations (i.e. fuel networks, sponsors and other parties) to take advantage of the fact that APFIF brings industry participants together in one place, providing the opportunity for these organisations with their chosen selection of delegates (20 to 120 delegates) prior to the commencement of the conference proper.

A summary of the three-day program is provided below.

Date APFIF24 Element Attendance profile
22 SEP 2024
C360 Expo (Bump in) C360 Exhibitors

APFIF Business Partners

23 SEP 2024
C360 Expo (Day 1)


Open to the public (complimentary registration) and all Industry Day participants
Industry Days
(Dedicated third party information seminars)
By Invitation (of industry host) only
APFIF24 Contractor Forum APFIF Contractor delegates
APFIF24 BBQ Dinner All APFIF Delegates (ticketed) & Industry Day participants
24 SEP 2024
C360 Expo (Day 2)


Open to the public (complimentary registration) & all APFIF delegates
APFIF24 Conference (Day 1) – APFIF delegates only (ticketed)
APFI24 Gala Food Fair APFIF delegates only (ticketed)
25 SEP 2024
C360 Expo (Day 3) Open to the public (complimentary registration) & all APFIF delegates
APFI24 Conference (Day 2) APFIF delegates only (ticketed)
Australian Fuel & Convenience Awards Gala Dinner APFI & other industry delegates (ticketed)

Given the multi-faceted nature of this event, ACAPMA has engaged the Convenience World team to assist with the delivery of APFI 24, said Mark.

“This has allowed our two organisations to combine forces to provide a sophisticated marketing campaign that seeks to raise awareness of the event amongst multiple industry segments and incorporate formal advertising elements for our sponsors and partners in advance of the event.

“The scale of investment in this event also means that we are able to take advantage of modern ticketing and CRM technology that will assist us in providing more useful delegate information to all of our sponsors and exhibitors”, he said.

Put simply, the 2024 Asia Pacific Fuel Industry Forum will be bigger and better, with a variety of elements that are specifically targeted to the specific needs of the different business segments that operate within the Australian convenience Industry.

“Delegates will be able to hear from authoritative speakers on the latest trends shaping our industry as well as gain insights about the latest developments in Food & Beverage Offerings, fuel industry innovations, Convenience store innovations, and low carbon mobility – all in the one convenient location on Brisbane’s beautiful Southbank precinct”, concluded Mark.

Need more information about the 2024 event?

Sponsors & Exhibitors

Sponsor and Exhibitor opportunities are open now. To request a copy of the Sponsor & Exhibitor Prospectus, please contact Lachlan Dobbins at Convenience World via email (lachlan.dobbins@retailmedia.com.au or markm@acapma.com.au).


Information about the event will be updated on a progressive basis, including the details of the final Conference Program. Delegates should continue to look for updates at the event website apfiforum.com and in the monthly Convenience World publication.

Delegate registrations will open in early April 2024 and will be extensively advertised in Convenience World and via direct email marketing.

Australian Fuel & Convenience Industry Awards (AFCA)

The Australian Fuel & Convenience Industry Awards (AFCA) is brought to you by ACAPMA and Convenience World.

Applications for the 2024 AFCA’s opened in December 2023.

Applications will formally close at COB (WA time) on Friday, 3 May 2024.

Information for about the Awards, including downloadable application forms, can be found at AFC Awards – 2024 APFI Forum.

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