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ACAPMA launches new insurance offering

The ACAPMA Insurance arrangement is said to deliver competitively priced insurance and risk solutions that are specifically designed to meet the needs of a variety of fuel businesses in Australia. ACAPMA (and its predecessor organisation, APADA) has a long history of working to deliver comprehensive and competitively priced insurance products …

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APFI Forum 2018 preview – scrutiny of franchising and dealer arrangements

The operation of franchises in Australia has been a topic of considerable debate for more than three years. Unfortunately, much of this debate was initiated in response to revelations of wage underpayment practices within the fuel retail industry. Since that time, there have been revelations of wage underpayments in the …

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ACCC fuel-industry monitoring extended to wholesale prices

The ACCC’s monitoring role will be expanded to include an examination of wholesale petrol prices in Australia, following a federal Treasury directive to the organisation issued on December 20. The scope of the ACCC’s petroleum-industry monitoring and reporting is defined by such directives periodically issued by the federal government. The …

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