SPC launches fruity frozen dessert range

SPC has launched Perfect Fruit, a frozen dessert made from 100 per cent Australian-grown fruit that boasts the creaminess and consistency of ice-cream.

Free from dairy and fat, Perfect Fruit is available in a range of flavours, including strawberry, mango and mixed berry, with each serve containing fewer calories than a standard apple*.

Perfect Fruit can be enjoyed on its own, or can be customised with mix and match toppings such as choc minis, butterscotch brittle, slivered almonds or muesli.

Following a small trial of the frozen fruit whip last year, more than 400 Perfect Fruit machines have now been placed in locations including convenience stores, hospitals, entertainment parks, cinemas, schools and universities in NSW, Victoria and Queensland.

“We spent years developing the world-first technology to create Perfect Fruit,” SPC Director of Marketing and Innovation Sandra Pereira said.

“So far, the feedback we’ve had from our customers has been overwhelming – we don’t actually have enough machines to meet demand at the moment.”

With future export plans, Ms Pereira said that SPC’s production of Perfect Fruit means they will need to buy more fruit from their Australian farmers.

“We are committed to using only Australian-grown fruit for our Perfect Fruit product, and it’s not only Victorian growers that will benefit,” she said.

“Whether it’s a mango grower in Queensland, or a berry grower in Tasmania, we’ll be looking for fruit growers from all over Australia to supply fruit to develop our new flavour ranges, which will change with each season.”

* This calorie count is based on a standard 148ml serving size of Perfect Fruit, without additional toppings, which has less than 75 calories. Apple comparison is based on a medium sized (170g) Pink Lady apple, which contains approximately 90 calories.

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