Reliable petrol prices available on Motormouth

Informed Sources has launched a service to provide site-level retail fuel price information, updated in near real time, to consumers and third-party organisations through its Motormouth subsidiary.

“With agreement reached between Informed Sources, BP, Caltex, Woolworths, 7-Eleven and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission late last year, we had the go-ahead needed to enable the frequent release of this data to the consumer,” Informed Sources Managing Director Alan Cadd said.

Informed Sources captures retail fuel prices in a number of ways, including electronic capture from its largest subscribers. The undertaking with the ACCC requires electronically captured data from all subscribing petrol retailers to be accessible at the same time to consumers and third-party organisations.

“We see this as a real win for motorists as they’ll be able to see accurate prices on a timely basis through our subsidiary, Motormouth, and, with the innovation of app developers and commercial groups accessing the data from here, we also expect motorists to enjoy smarter options in how to view this information in the future,” Mr Cadd said.

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