Perkii rolls out new look

Queensland probiotic brand Perkii has begun to roll out its “world-first” probiotic water drinks across Australia following a complete brand refresh that is forecast to increase market reach for the progressive company.

Perkii’s “fresh, vibrant new image” was conceived to inspire the health-conscious consumer, while aligning with a wider market shift towards functional drinks, says Perkii CEO Matthew Kowal.

“People are becoming more aware of the benefits in making choices that are positive to their health, and Perkii is tapping into a consumer move away from sugary soft drinks, sports drinks, juices and even plain water, and towards functional drinks,” he said.

The rebranding is a significant milestone in the evolution of the company, which in 2016 launched its innovative range of naturally flavoured beverages using “world-first” technology developed by scientists at the University of Queensland (UQ).

“Perkii is a great-tasting, naturally-flavoured drink that is low in sugar, lactose free and with only 26 calories, but that’s only the start,” Mr Kowal said.

“We contain more than one billion live probiotics and, using UQ technology, we protect them from acidic environments like the stomach and thus deliver more to the gut. Unlike many other cultured drinks on the market, we specifically use a strain of probiotics that has extensive research as to its effect in boosting the immunity and digestive systems.

“The more holistic nature of our beverages has struck a chord across the market, but, in particular, with the health-conscious wellbeing consumer.”

He added that the company believed the “fun, bright and colourful new image of our product range” would resonate with this consumer segment.

Perkii is currently available in the flavours of strawberry and watermelon, elderflower and green tea, lime and coconut, mango and passionfruit, and raspberry and pomegranate.

The Brisbane-based company says it expects to grow its share of the $80 million Australian probiotics industry on the back of its relaunch, and is also planning to roll out its range in schools as a “healthy alternative” to juice and other drinks.

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