P&C sector holds its own at POPAI Marketing at Retail Awards

The industry’s ‘best of the best’ were honoured at the 2015 POPAI Marketing at Retail Awards, announced on September 8, and the petrol, convenience and route sector held up well.

Six awards were presented to petrol, convenience and route entrants, with Unilever’s Paddle Pop Lick-A-Prize garnering Gold in the Mobile category and Wrigley awarded Gold for Permanent Display.

The 2015 Marketing at Retail Awards were presented in conjunction with the 2015 Marketing at Retail Expo. Judging panels comprised more than 60 industry leading retailers and brand marketers and suppliers, with awards based on attainment of aggregate scores. This meant that not all categories received all award levels.

This year we expanded the awards in line with the shift towards retail and shopper experience and the growing role of digital and technology in retail environments.

The scope of all the awards entries,  and the Mobile-winning award in particular, shows how far the industry has come.

Congratulations to all the winners and to the industry for continuing to respond and lead.

Some Gold and Silver winners’ award details:

Mobile Gold: Unilever Paddle Pop Lick-A-Prize (PPLAP)

Objective: reboot this long-running promotion by rethinking prizing, making incentives more compelling and reinventing the retail experience.

Execution: promotional incentive ‘Every Stick Wins!’ The ‘Magilika’ app provided a delivery platform for instant-win games and branded content, providing mass prizing. The app recognised brand assets  (specially designed PPLAP logo on point of sale and packs), launching a digital world on mobiles.

Results: 77,220 downloads of the app, 11,810 average monthly users, 804 average daily users, consistent top five rank among nine- to 11-year-olds, held number one spot for five weeks.

Petrol, Convenience and Route Permanent Display: Gold: Wrigley Company, The Beacon Evo

Objective: revolutionise the way gum and mints are displayed in the route trade, in order to capture the attention of shoppers and drive higher levels of conversion to purchase, particularly from new and light-category buyers.

Execution: adding lighting to displays increases their stand-out. Some 4,000 lit-display stands rolled out within a 12-month period in 2014/15, in order to have large- scale impact.

Results: average of 15-20 per cent uplift in sales in each store over the 12 weeks post-installation compared with pre-installation, sustained over the six months post-installation.

Petrol, Convenience and Route Temporary Display: Silver: BP Australia, McGrath Foundation

Objectives: announce and raise the profile of BP’s partnership with the McGrath Foundation, raise a minimum $200,000 for McGrath during the four-week campaign, create a feel-good mood about BP among customers and staff.

Execution: the activation involved turning the forecourt pink, including all signage, bowsers, POS, lighting at night and the pricing board, with a pink carpet rolled out. The execution complied with BP’s health and safety and strict operational requirements.

Results: BP achieved its target of reaching $200,000 worth of donations in just over two weeks – a world first: never before has a petrol station been turned pink. This generated media coverage comprising 107 radio items, 85 TV items, two print items The Daily Telegraph and mX and 13 online items. Local feedback from customers was so positive that the site remained pink for long after the initial planned period.

More information on the 2015 POPAI Marketing at Retail Awards and a full list of the winners across all 24 categories, encompassing physical store, POP campaigns and shopper experience programs – including integrated campaigns and digital technologies – can be found at www.popai.com.au.

Norrelle Goldring
Vice Chair of POPAI ANZ
Head of Shopper Insights at GfK

POPAI is the only global, not-for-profit industry association exclusively operating as the focal point of marketing at retail excellence. POPAI has 20 offices covering 45 countries and more than 1,700 members worldwide. POPAI General Manager Lee McClymont can be contacted on popai@popai.com.au or 0414 941 585.

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