New suite of scanners

Honeywell has unveiled a new suite of Voyager scanners, which are designed to reduce check-out time, speed up loyalty program enrollment and age verification, and unlock the full potential of a customer’s mobile shopping experience.

Lynn Huang Freeman, Head of Marketing and Strategy at Honeywell Scanning & Mobility Asia Pacific, said retailers are feeling more pressure than ever from consumers to deliver faster and smoother in-store experiences.

The new Voyager 1202G is Honeywell’s first of many battery-free wireless laser scanners and provides the same linear barcode scanning performance as a wired scanner, but without the long recharge time, maintenance or environmental disposal issues associated with traditional batteries.

The affordable Voyager 1602g pocket 2D Bluetooth scanner packs high-performance area-imaging technology into an elegant and compact form, making it the perfect scanning companion to tablet-based retail POS systems.

For retailers who anticipate the need for area imaging, such as scanning coupons from customers’ smartphone screens, the Voyager 1450g tethered scanner and Voyager 1452g wireless scanner deliver powerful linear barcode scanning out of the box. Both are available for upgrade to enable QR code and 2D barcode reading at the initial time of purchase or at any point in the future.

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