GasBuddy aims to help Aussies find cheap fuel

US fuel app GasBuddy, which is claimed to help consumers save money at the pump, has opened a new office in Sydney and extended its offers to drivers throughout Australia.

Australia is the first country outside the US and Canada to receive the app, which is marketed as offering motorists real-time fuel prices at all surrounding service stations.

“Australia has some of the most volatile fuel prices in the world, with 89 per cent of motorists thinking they pay too much at the pump,” GasBuddy VP of International Ivan Silvagni said.

“GasBuddy has responded to this consumer frustration, first in North America and now in Australia. We say ‘gas’, Australians say ‘fuel’. Luckily, we all understand saving money.”

According to GasBuddy, 60 per cent of motorists in Australia follow prices closely in order to fill up at the lowest rate possible. The GasBuddy app is aimed at making this easier and more efficient as consumers will be able to find, compare and report prices as a community, on their smartphones.

“Petrol prices vary greatly, even within a small distance, and have long been a pain point for Aussies,” Gasbuddy Country Manager Nic Moulis said.

“GasBuddy is a game changer because it takes the mystery out of fuel cost, puts the power back to the consumer and provides the information needed for motorists to avoid overpaying at the bowser.”

GasBuddy has been operating via the Android Beta program in Australia for the past month and is now available in the Apple Store and on Google Play.

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