Crisp N’ Grill provides convenient heating solution

Whirlpool_MicrowaveSuitable for cooking or reheating pies, pizza and sandwiches, Whirlpool’s Crisp N’ Grill Convection Oven is in strong demand for convenience stores.

The Crisp N’ Grill simplifies the cooking experience while saving time and energy, yet delivers benefits traditionally only seen in a conventional oven.

It features crisp and 3D microwave distribution functions that work together to reach high temperatures in just a few minutes, perfectly browning dishes both on the top and the bottom.

Whirlpool’s patented 6th Sense Technology, featured across its entire kitchen range, also sets the Crisp N’ Grill apart. Using weight sensing technology that automatically weighs food and adjusts the cooking time appropriately, the Crisp N’ Grill distributes the right amount of power so that food preserves its texture and nutritional value, delivering excellent results every time.

Its ease of use and intuitive technology ensures people with limited cooking skills can still deliver fresh, tasty meals.

The Crisp N’ Grill Convection Microwave (RRP$499) can toast a sandwich in just 2.5 minutes each side, cook a pizza to perfection in eight-10 minutes or defrost a frozen fruit pie and have a warm, crispy pastry in seven minutes.

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