Creating a sticky campaign for Blu-Tack

Australian adhesives company Bostik is launching a national advertising campaign to celebrate the “much-loved Aussie staple” Blu-Tack.

Bostik says the campaign is a first of its kind for the brand globally. It aims to remind consumers of the “thousand and one uses and endless possibilities of Blu-Tack”, Bostik said.

Consumer Category Manager for Bostik, Mellissa Coulter, explained the brief the company gave Melbourne-based agency Communicado.

“Our brief to Communicado was to create a reminder and rejuvenation campaign to stimulate sales in the stationery category,” she says.

“Blu-Tack is more than you imagine. We hope this new campaign will bring relevancy to a new wave of consumers by getting people to rethink Blu-Tack in a modern way.”

What type of tacker are you?

The campaign asks consumers to consider ‘What type of tacker are you?’. It showcases a range of Blu-Tack uses through personas including ‘Tidy Tackers’, ‘Party Tackers’ and ‘Little Tackers’.

Senior Account Director for Communicado, Nicki Cole, says she wanted to evoke nostalgia in adults about Blu-Tack and its uses.

“As kids, we all tacked posters to our walls and imagined our future wedding to our favourite actor or musician pinned above our bed,” she says.

“We hope by celebrating the heritage of the brand, while also getting consumers to rethink and get creative with Blu-Tack, we can encourage consumers to rediscover the classic adhesive.”

Bostik’s ‘What type of tacker are you?’ is a 15-second video. It launched on Monday April 15 and will feature online for six weeks.

The company says it will adapt the video for international Bostik markets and air it globally throughout the year.

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