Boost Juice adds seaweed to new smoothies

Boost Juice has launched two limited edition seaweed-infused smoothies, Pash & Splash and Sea & Tea.

Embracing the “cult” roasted seaweed snack, Boost Juice says it has “ventured into the unknown” – combining the “healthy and sustainable” snack option with the brand’s “refreshing ingredients”.

Pash & Splash is promoted as a “sweet and tangy” combo with “just a hint” of saltiness. It blends the “refreshing flavours” of passionfruit and orange with a “salty undertone” of seaweed.

Sea & Tea, on the other hand, features the “creamy flavours” of green tea, mango and coconut with an umami “hint” of seaweed.

“Cheekiness has always been at the forefront of the Boost brand,” says Boost Juice Australia founder Janine Allis.

“We love pushing the boundaries with new flavour profiles and testing unique combinations that might sound shocking to most. They always spark discussion or debate and taste delicious too.

“Our seaweed range is a nod to the trending snack and brings unexpected combinations that are innovative and will wow customers.”

The seaweed-infused smoothies are available at Boost Juice until 24 March.

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