Weekly diesel prices

    The average price of diesel fuel in Australia stayed at 120.0¢ a litre nationally in the week ending 6 September, according to the Australian Institute of Petroleum’s ‘Weekly Diesel Prices’ report.

    The average national weekly metropolitan retail price dropped 0.1¢ to 118.4¢ a litre, while the regional price dropped 0.1¢ to 121.2¢ a litre.

    The most expensive fuel in the country was in the Northern Territory at 135.2¢, then Tasmania at 132.7¢ a litre, followed by Western Australia (120.1¢), South Australia (119.7¢), NSW/ACT (119.6¢), Victoria (119.5¢) and Queensland (118.2¢).

    Of the major cities, Adelaide offered the cheapest diesel for the week at 115.1¢ a litre, followed by Sydney (116.9¢), Darwin (116.9¢), Perth (117.8¢), Brisbane (118.2¢), Melbourne (118.7¢), Canberra (122.2¢) and Hobart (135.3¢).

    Click here for the weekly unleaded prices.

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