Weekly diesel prices

The average price of diesel fuel in Australia fell by 0.1¢ to 147.7¢ a litre nationally in the week ending August 4, according to the Australian Institute of Petroleum’s ‘Weekly Diesel Prices’ report.

The average national weekly metropolitan retail price fell by 0.2¢  to 146.3¢ a litre, while the regional price fell by 0.1¢ to 148.8¢ a litre.

The most expensive fuel in the country was in the NT at 163¢ a litre, followed by Tasmania (158.4¢), South Australia (148.6¢), Western Australia (148.5¢), NSW/ACT (147.5¢), Queensland (146.9¢) and Victoria (145.2¢).

Of the major cities, Adelaide offered the cheapest diesel for the week at 144.¢ a litre, followed by Sydney (144.9¢), Melbourne (145.4¢), Brisbane (146.4¢), Darwin (147.2¢), Canberra (152¢), and Hobart (159.3¢).

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