VACC calls for an ‘automotive blueprint’

The VACC has called on the next federal government to create an “automotive blueprint” that lays out its policy intentions.

The call comes from the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce’s (VACC) election manifesto, Keep Australia Moving.

The VACC says the blueprint is necessary if the automotive industry is to “continue to bring home $37 billion per annum – 2.2 per cent of the country’s GDP”. It also employs 385,500 people.

‘Master plan’

The blueprint should be a “master plan”, says the VACC. Its purpose would be to allow automotive business owners to develop, plan and invest with confidence.

It would also inform government as it deals with a rapidly changing automotive landscape. Such changes include urban infrastructure, skill requirements and government revenue streams, all of which require forward planning and policy debate.

“Such a blueprint is well overdue,” VACC CEO Geoff Gwilym said, adding that the government should develop it “in consultation with industry to ensure it has a practical and powerful impact”.

“It’s critical the next federal government makes its intentions clear and details its support and policy direction for the industry.”

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