V Energy helps to motivate with Deadpool

    To celebrate the release of the highly anticipated Deadpool 2 movie on May 16, V Energy teamed up with Twentieth Century Fox to launch Find The Potential Within, a limited-edition motivational book written by Deadpool himself … but with “an unexpectedly massive hit that improves you a bit”.

    Launched exclusively at Kinokuniya bookstore in Sydney CBD on Free Comic Book Day last weekend, 300 copies of the motivational book – among the only copies available anywhere in the world – were made available to those who want to be the best versions of themselves.

    The debut book from the merc with the mouth is full of answers to many of life’s challenges, but while his list of attributes include innovator, educator and soul whisperer, the author does not appear to be one.

    Having managed to write only one chapter of wise motivational waffle, entitled The Me Inside You, V Energy came to the rescue and placed the key to a better you between the pages.

    Chapter two takes an unexpected twist as readers get their hands on a can of V Energy, which the brand claims “delivers all the motivation anyone could possibly ever need”.

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