Training to help retailers fast-track business post COVID-19

    The National Retail Association (NRA) partnered with ASX-listed Registered Training Organisation (RTO) iCollege and Australian company Soul Safe™ to be its exclusive Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) training and certification provider.

    This is to help retailers safely fast-track their return to work.

    “Our partnership with a number of industry associations including the NRA and Heavy Vehicles Industry Australia (HVIA) will help businesses returning from COVID-19 isolation to the workplace, address the need to train their staff to provide a safe and COVID free environment for their customers and workers,” says CEO of Soul Safe™, Jack Martin.

    “Soul Safe™ provides an online training framework, in line with the latest government guidelines and an ongoing, marketable certification that responds to changes to guidelines and new learnings about the virus.”

    With the situation volatile and restrictions changing from day to day at certain points, the NRA welcomes the new normal.

    NRA CEO Dominique Lamb says their 28,000 Association members had done an astounding job in rolling out new social distancing and hygiene procedures in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    “Soul Safe™ will provide assurance to owners and managers, their customers and their staff that they’ve done all the training they need to, in order to keep everyone safe, their businesses compliant and the doors open,” says Ms Lamb.

    iCollege Managing Director, Ash Katta says COVID-19 has added a new layer of complexity to how all organisations operate.

    “Soul Safe™ goes above and beyond the training currently available to give businesses the resources they need to deliver a streamlined response that aligns with community and industry expectations,” says Mr Katta.

    “Soul Safe™ will complement the Federal Government’s $80 million infection control training fund, expected to be launched in July.”

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